Barren….. But not void…..

I often look at trees…. I marvel at their roots, incipient or deep…

At their lushness, at the color of their flowers, or the type of fruit they bear. I

examine them like a true Darwinian, and of course I also let their branches

sway my thoughts any which way. I like my facts, but I also like to let my mind

wander…. And so, I look up on ocassion to find a barren tree… Spring has

come and gone, and the trees have stayed… No leaves, no color, just the figure

of branches that look like arms begging at the sky…

I find that there is a beauty in a barren object, or even in a person.

It’s a trowback to a new beggining. Where else can you go? Only up…

The possibilities are endless…. A chance to star anew… To stop and

think, meditate and ponder….

The trees wisely stay calm, cause they know they will rebirth….

The birds will come and nest once again…. Birds songs will

fill the air soon enough…. And when winter comes, the tree

will be home again to those flying creatures that will serenate

in gratitude, the warm embrance of the loving tree.

The trees… Oh.. What loving souls they are, milenary in time,

timeless in love….. Who would have known that nature was such

a fantastic teacher ? When in sickness, or when in sadness, remember…

We are trees, we may be barren, but let’s never feel void. Cause, we will

bear fruit once again… Let’s not forget there are other umbrals waiting for

us , and when the time it’s right , we will reap once again. In this earth, or who

knows where… In the meantime, I will always feel blessed at the sight of the

Godness that is Mother Nature. I thank you for letting me see your face…

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