Art Basel dazzles….

Yes, I know…

Art Basel is so past week… But as any good date in our repertoire, it’s worth remembering…..

Basel being the keyword to identify everything art related that happened in, and out of

of the Basel Fairgrounds in Miami Beach.

It came to me that Art is like a Virus. Once it sets host in your body, it takes over. Miami played the part

of the body, and we all helped disseminate the virus with our enthusiasm. From Wynwood plethora of

options,  art, fun, parties… To Miami Beach getting all dolled up and ready to shine…

Everyone delivered…. The galleries, the art fairs, the attendees, the collectors,  the art fans,  and

everyone involved.

I could go on, an on about everything I saw and did, but in synthesis what I loved the most were the

spontaneous plans, that reigned over the ones I had previously made. I surrendered to

just enjoy the moment, and the place I was in.

And so every year, I eagerly anticipate Art Basel Majestic Queen to grace our shores…

I miss her already….

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  1. Hey I’m a big fan of evolution and how out society uses thought tools, like art. I was wondering if you would like to discuss how “art is like a virus” and I you could elaborate more?

    1. Hello there. How are you? I can certainly elaborate more. In my personal opinion when art is used to express oneself, many at times we are conveying a message or evoking an emotion. That draws people in, and the circle of coummunication expands, like a virus. The art that’s being put in the spolight, gets talked to, and word of mouth just to mention a medium, helps disseminate the virus. Then you realize it’s not only about the art anymore, but also
      about the questions that it poses to society, and the emotions again that it awakens… When a virus takes holds of a body, it’s not about the virus anymore, but the consequences it brings.. In the case of art, what could it bring? Awakening of our senses and collective soul…Like, someone out there, feels the things I feel, and that’s why you perhaps feel an intimate connection to a piece of writing you may have read, to a painting you saw, or anything that resonated with you. Art is a great way to sublimely express, rebel, and trespass so called ” normal society standards”. Sometimes though, art could be violent and raw, and even mimmic a revolution that’s happening in a gobal, or local scale. Brayden, let me know what you think, and if you have any other points of view related to this. Take care… Andre in the Tropics…..

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