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Soldiers in Heels…..

Yes, you read it right.  I’m talking about high heeled strutting soldiers; those women that walk the walk, and talk the talk. Women on the go, swaying those hips left and right, moms/daughters/sisters/friends/executives/wives/girlfriends. Their ammunition: Wit, multitasking ninja abilities, strength, and ya da, ya da, ya da. We fall down on ocassions TRUE DAT, but we […]

I yield a sword…

I yield a sword in my hand. This one doesn’t cut through .. This one marks instead all the corners of your heart, it touches all the layers of your skin, until it gets to its desired destination; your soul… And there it rests… This sword has won the battle…..

Darkness is only an illusion….

I know darkness. I’ve been it, in it, with it. When in darkness, when the light is scarce or nonexistent, I look deeply into what makes me… Be who I am… and then, with a dose of courage, I march on.. Darkness is only part of the light fragmentation, so when I see it, I […]

Programs on how to network, market and promote yourself by Michelle Villalobos, MBA, in Miami, FL

Programs on how to network, market and promote yourself by Michelle Villalobos, MBA, in Miami, FL.

Life is a painting,,, Life is a game…

Life is but a painting, life is but a game… You decide where the brush goes, you decide when to play….  Paint with the colors of your love; play with the emotions of your heart..  Leave a mark , make a stand, deliver your own message to the world. This way every card in your […]

Musing in unison…..

Create yourself…

This past week while I was getting a massage to help me relax, and relieve all the tension and stress I’ve been holding on; I thought of the similarities that exists, at least in my train of thought between my muscles being massaged, and how us as individuals shape ourselves to be. The body to […]

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